The Pantry

Flour the most basic of pantry items.

A simple Pastry

  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 cup SR flour
  • 125 gr butter – grated
  • 1 egg
  • lemon juice and water to bind
  1. Mix flours together and rub in butter until it resembles fine breadcrumbs
  2. Break egg into the centre and mix thru with a knife
  3. Add enough water to bring the dough together
  4. Turn onto a piece of baking paper and knead lightly to form into a ball
  5. Roll between 2 pieces of baking paper to the required shape
  6. Bake in 180 oven / moderate
  7. Brush with a little milk or beaten egg before baking



I thought a combination of trays bakes – easy to create – kids can assemble and everyone gets their favourite

I suggest preparing a selection of vegetables and let the kids do the mixing

I have listed a few combinations to get the creative juices going:

  • 50 mins in the oven – Chicken wings or drumsticks, large pieces of potato, whole carrots, corn cobs, drizzle of olive oil, seasoning
  • 20 mins in the oven- Gnocchi, baby tomatoes, pesto, tinned white beans (drained and rinsed), meatballs made from sausages, olive oil, seasoning
  • 35 mins in the oven- Spiced vegies, pumpkin, sweet potato, ground cumin, coriander,tumeric, wedges of purple onions, fetta or haloumi, olive oil
  • 35 mins in the oven- Meatballs, with tins of cherry tomatoes, garlic, onions, precooked macaroni, sprinkle of breakcrumbs and cheese
  • 50 mins in the oven- Pork sausages, purple sweet potato, wedges of apple, sage leaves, chicken stock, seasoning
  • 50 mins in the oven- Chicken thighs, cauliflower wedges, broccoli, mix of crunchy peanut butter – sweet chilli sauce and coconut milk, seasoning

When the trays are 1/2 way thru the cooking time stir or turn or toss and check for moisture. This is also the time to add the shorter time vegetable like beans or peas, fresh herbs, soft cheeses.



Mince is the champion today and using our pastry recipe or bought Puff you can create a wonderful cheats

Beef Wellington

  • 500 gram mince + seasoning + 1 egg + breadcrumbs but your choice of flavours (tomato paste, capers, Worstershire sauce, BBQ sauce, grated onions, finely chopped garlic)
  • Boil 6 eggs
  1. To assemble
  2. Place 1/2 the mixture on top of the pastry – press in the boiled eggs in a row – you are aiming for a log shape
  3. Then the remaining mixture
  4. Fold the pastry around and create a log shape – sealed at the base
  5. Cut small air vents in the top of the pastry – brush with egg and cook in the oven for 45 to 60 mins
  6. Serve with mashed potato, home made tomato sauce and greens