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The Back to Basics Cookbook was written by Annette Long and Jennifer Hill

Our book shows you how to make simple food the whole family will enjoy. We often heard people say they are too busy to cook or food is too expensive. We show how to plan, shop wisely and build on the basics and you will learn not only to save time and money but put great food on the family table.

We grew up in the country and all our food was prepared by Mum in the family kitchen and eaten together round the family table. We were fortunate as Mum was a great cook. Dad had a keen interest in food, and was forever foraging for mushrooms, fishing, shooting wild ducks, making interesting sausages and experimenting with smoking foods. As children we looked forward to collecting produce from the Train station, boxes of seasonal produce sourced from orchards and farms throughout Queensland.

Two Old Ducks Cook Book - Back to Basics

All great recipes are founded on the basics of cooking and using a little creativity. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it is all good experience and a lot of great recipes have been the result of ‘failures’.

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by learning the basics and building on them. Enjoy the benefits of cooking and eating great food together.

We hope we can inspire you to get back to basics, cook together and serve real food to your family.

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