Always happy to talk gardening with KOOKABURRA ORGANICS – Gary shares lots of tips, sometimes the most fundamental can inspire us to try again. Its a cold and dry season so always remember the paddle pop moisture stick – its cheap and trustworthy.  Of course you may have the more expensive variety but the paddle pop stick stays in the ground – lift it out and you can easily view the moisture level from how the colour changes on the stick. Recycle wooden cutlery – bring the wooden sticks home with the takeaway coffee cup and you have in that a mini garden.

Its harvest time for tomatoes, basil and zucchini so make the best of these goodies – store the dried basil flowers for the casserole or soup pot.

Broccoli is slow to  grow so don’t be discouraged – apparently once the first floweretts appear its non stop from there – I know as I am impatient when it comes to the garden harvest.

Start to prepare the spring beds if space allows – and remember to plant what you eat – what is compatible for your area and most importantly enjoy the garden.

Plant some flowers to make the bees and yourself happy 🙂

OUR PANTRY STAPLE  – corn flour

1st invented in 1840 in Jersey City and that was a wheat based starch. Primarily used for starching laundry and industrial uses but that was all about to change with the introduction of trade cards. These cards were a collectors item for the households but also a means of advertising for the company. The cards then used not only for illustration but a means to spread the use for cornflour and ultimately cooking ideas.

Todays pantry staple cornflour – recipes for cornflour sponge, a quick batter and of course the most used as a thickener.

Go to RECIPE site for the details.