Last year we ventured into your backyards, lunch boxes, family table, your well being, travel and more……………….And this year the same & more!!

With natural and man made disasters behind us (we Hope) the damage and repair in front and lets hope for a more united, considerate and NO BLAME reaction recovery.

This year Community Kitchen ventures into the regions with OUR RADIO bus, so if you see us in the next few months cooking, bringing local produce into the limelight, supporting local businesses call in and say Hi.

Gardening tips with our guru Gary (from Kookaburra Organics) , wellness with Mandy, my wanderings and travel with local foodies and Jacinta from Hello Travel and Sarah from Basilea, an edible farmlet of flavour filled with flowers and herbs…………………….But that just our regulars. Each week the chat is filled with food, whether its recipe ideas, food facts, history or trends we love to spread and share the world of food.

So lets talk trends and each year in New York the Summer Fancy Food Show hosts an event for purveyors of specialty foods, foods that you and I will see on the shelves of supermarkets and health food shops to follow the food trends we all seem to love. Start to look out for Puffed Snacks, Collagen, Boozy Teas, Lotus and Water Lilly seeds, fancy Gatorade, Oat milk, cheese bowls, snack Balls and CBD (non- active hemp) products. The list goes on and dining takes another bow with trends for Booze free bars, more table to farm, small Cocktails, pasta straws, small casual dining experiences, Pegan diets, time warp desserts, ethical meat revolution, Mezcal, regional round bite size tasters, dark moody bars, heirloom vegies, locally made Sake, mainstreaming Indigenous ingredients and last but not least PESTATARIANISM (eat the problem not our native animals).

Fantastic that we all have the opportunity to be so whimsical with our foods!!

But according to global trend statistics Australia is projected to be the 1/3 fastest vegan market in the world. According to Euromomitor Australian packaged vegan food market is set to reach $215 million this year. Australian Financial Food Editior, Jill Dupleix predict Chefswill enjoy the challenge to create new food trends in the fine dining sector with the introduction of vegan and vegetarian dishes, while the younger market for more casual eating will enjoy different plant based vegan snacks. The reasons for the shift appear to arise from the ‘need to know’ mentality of food origin, health benefits and I feel the introduction of bringing interesting flavors and tastes into the daily diet. Lets face it we all enjoy to eat interesting foods and the only thing holding us back is the creative drive to cook and enjoy.

Each week I bring recipes to the show for you to try at home and this week I have selected 2 vegan based either to be eaten as a meal or as an accompaniment to your meat based protein.

Enjoy !