We all love food, well most of us do and with that come the regiment of not eating too much, being mindful of what foods suit your body, what we are trying to avoid and the list goes on. I thought we would chat with Amanda about diets or eating habits or seasonal changes or what ever you want to call it. Amanda Schultz our on tap Naturopath brings an easy to follow wisdom and experience to Community Kitchen and she talks about the 4 elements – our seasonal changes of food. We are just leaving that warm and comforting elements and probably carrying a little extra comfort in places we don’t want.  Its time for the Spring clean, ever noticed that this time of year just does that. It brings those desires for cooler foods,  outdoor exercise and bringing some air and sunshine into the house.   BUT in changing our foods or trying to lose that extra kilo or two we need the patience – the body needs 21 days to start to adjust to a food change or a body reset.

Sometimes the food changes are beneficial but often different effects can deter you from continuing. Amanda recommends keeping track of the effects, it might be something you eat that doesn’t agree, if the weight isn’t coming off when you have been very disciplined maybe that diet or food change isn’t for you – and always remember the water. Dehydration is not to be taken lightly when we consider some of these effects.

Today we look at Low Carb Diet, from Aitkens to Keto  a diet that has been around for some time with the usual changes .  The diet suggests limiting carbs and replacing those carb kilojoules wih fat, and effectively the body will burn fat as its energy source rather than glucose.  The Ketogenic diet has been said to benefit those with pre-diabetes or Type 2.  So look for  red meats, chicken, fish, eggs, unprocessed cheeses (cheddar, blue & mozzarella), nuts and seeds, low carb vegetables and healthy oils.  Try to avoid root vegetables, processed vegie oils, mayonnaise, grains, excessive fruits, legumes, alcohol and sugary foods.

Taking this weeks talk into consideration – Amanda suggests not booking that holiday or wedding or dinner out when you are in the 21 day change – make it easy on yourself.  Go for a balanced diet with lots of colour on the plate, smaller size meal and some exercise.   Found this blog that might be a worthwhile read  –   https://www.kissmyketo.com/blogs/food/ketogenic-diet-plan-for-beginners