Christmas is coming and over the next weeks prior to  I’ll be sharing some ideas to get the Christmas organising on track.

Believe me this takes the last minute panic and expense away as you can budget by adding a  little to the grocery list each week leading up to Christmas and store away, leaving the fresh produce to the last week. AND of course this is a quick pick up as you have placed your order with the Butcher, Baker and the Fishmonger.

In the TWO OLD DUCKS Savoury and Sweet Celebrations Cookbook  page 11 onwards to 21  we have a complete section on ‘Getting started for your Celebration’ and Menu suggestions and recipe guide. Below a short breakdown and each week more hints, tips and recipes for that tastier Christmas meal.


      1. Planning – points for consideration
        • Who’s coming – how many people
        • Are there special dietary requirements
        • What sort of meal – casual, BBQ, finger foods,  buffet, lunch, evening…….
        • How many dishes – are you having a  hot or cold meal
        • What is your kitchen capable of cooking or keeping cold and make provision within the menu for this
      2. The menu
        • Write it out
        • List the prep plan
        • What can you do ahead of time
        • What can you buy ahead of time and put aside or freeze
        • What do you need to order ahead, eg.,  the ham, turkey, seafood, crossiants ……………………………

Recipe ideas on the Recipe page as listed below:

For fun presents and Christmas decorations, side dishes to consider:

from the Two Old Ducks Sweet Celebrations cookbook

  • Ginger Bread (pg 147)
  • Christmas Cutter Biscuits (pg 150)
  • Coconut Ice (pg 162)

from the Woolworths FREE November 2019 issue (always good to know that if you don’t own a cookbook these are free and good for inspiration

  • Mozzarella, melon and orange Salad (pg 43)
  • Potato and green beans salad (pg 46)
  • Smoky eggplant dip (pg 47)