You may well have noticed that most of the seedling, garden mix and garden boxes are all sold out. Social media is streaming with gardening groups, community pages and just wonderful resourceful information to follow and ask the questions.

Real Estate has seen a boom for the rural lifestyle change and the chat among young families is how they are spending more time together.

The organic food market has shown a increase in sales as the word ‘immunity’ has been thrown around since covid-19 and people are realizing that food does matter.

Paul Kelly’s song ‘From little things big things grow’ resonates with me when I think about the good changes.

There is so much talk about what has been cooked, what will be cooked and I am going to give it a try.

I am always excited when I hear this conversation and have always enjoyed the Two Old Duck cooking classes when we have new and enthusiastic cooks. They don’t have any preconceived ideas and soak the information in like big sponges. The delight at trying something new and achieving an end result that far exceeds the expectation.

I look forward to a positive outcome from Covid- 19 and hope the more simplistic trends stay with us and accelerate into a new lifestyle change for this busy world.

One thing that I have learnt throughout my cooking years is when you are busy stick to something that you know tastes great, is affordable and is stress free. Stress cooking is never fun, even though we love the cooking shows but that is competitive and thats another story.

Bring the family into the kitchen and bring the family around the kitchen table for meals.