We are always pleased to have GARY from KOOKABURRA ORGANICS join us each month for 3 years +

To share the secrets of gardening is a wonderful and generous gift to us all and in this time of ‘ a little shake up’ we could all use the wisdom.

Throughout the workshops and fb times I am sure Gary has heard all these questions before and isn’t it a perfect world when we can present to you a face book site to help with the isolation gardening questions – so scroll down for the details and enjoy the list of questions I chatted with Gary about.

I know I was so disappointed when my leek seedlings didn’t venture too far from the soil level – FORGOT  the hessian bag trick??!!!

Just a few of the regular questions and if you want to add remember annette@twooldducks.com.au for a direct line to our monthly chat with Gary

Kookaburra Organics has created a special Face Book site to counteract the endless list of questions below: (and they are mostly from me 🙂 🙁 )

  • why aren’t  my vegies responding to all my garden love
  • when do I plant the seedlings
  • should I even consider seedlings
  • what is happening with this wind and how do I protect my crops
  • what is that foreign bug munching my greens
  • how can I use my kitchen waste on my garden
  • when can I expect produce
  • I feel like its not working
  • how do I gain the CONFIDENCE to garden
  • what is the best mixture to boost the compost bin
  • can I just add sugar cane mulch to the garden
  • when do I water
  • how much water
  • when do I fertilize
  • who do I buy my seedlings from
  • what area am I in – PROBABLY the most important of all
  • Is it worth it! – I just love is question – more below

GO TO the Face Book site:

Growing Food int he Special Period during Coronavirus Pandemic #stayhome


Is it worth it ?

The benefits  of fresh air and exercise over-rides the success in my opinion. Don’t you just love the wander, the pottering, the exercise and more. I think this is the biggest enjoyment of having a garden. 

To be able to pick a plant to place on your windowsill lifts the day.



  1. full MOON is coming this week – great for planting the root vegies
  2. this fluctuating weather is confusing for the plants
  3. cold nights – bugs gone
  4. time to get the winter crops in
  5. when watering
    1. South west SW cold and drying
    2. Eastern E moist air
  6. Pests love the weakest crops
  7. More foliage – dries out quicker
  8. Cold snap – water in the morning to the base of the plant NOT on foliage
  9. Plant root vegies in the Moon cycle directly to the soil
  10. Don’t fertilize root crops – you want the energy to go to the root bulb
  11. Plant potatoes away from other nightshades – eggplants and tomatoes
  12. If you do plant seedlings – remember to calculate 4 weeks back to determine the perfect planting time
  13. Use your coffee grinds (yes even the pods – open up and empty) to use as a slow release nitrogen which also deters slugs and snails

LOVE to have feed back and all the energy we put into our show is worth it when you respond.