We thought Community Kitchen would offer some simple cooking ideas for the family. Who knows whether the children will be home from school and finding ways to incorporate learning into daily tasks can be challenging. Cooking with children brings so many easy lessons to the table – reading the recipes, following instructions, understanding the measurements, learning to cut and dice all adds not only some interest to the food but it always tastes better when you have made the effort yourself.

I have selected 2 items to cover a multitude of dishes – Chicken and Cabbage.

I poached chicken ( a decent size) gives the basis for the following ideas:

Soup Base, Risotto,  Salads, pies/pasties, pasta sauce

I cabbage:

Converts to slaw, Asian noodle salad, cabbage rolls, lasagna sheets, Japanese salad, steamed, Colcannon.

I know you can ad to the list but for now I offer these recipes on the web page.

For children i offer a simple biscuit recipe but with lots of suggestions to convert that one recipe into an array of combinations.

Dried apricot and white chocolate, jam drops, choc melts, cocoa and Spanish peanuts, peanut butter, grated lemon or orange rind, iced and decorated.

Fritters and pancakes using 1 + 1 + 1 – 1 cup of SR flour, 1 egg and 1 cup milk

This combo is for the youngest to handle – and start playing with the flavours.

Make individual stuffed apples in the muffin tins – they can peel the apples with the slinky is you are lucky enough to have one – and stuff them with dried fruits, brown sugar, nuts and butter for a dessert of deliciousness.

Get busy in the garden – and following up on Gary from Kookaburra Organics tips- PLANT WHAT YOU EAT

All of his info is on the web – 10/3/20 or visit his web site.

Collect your eggshell, coffee grinds, cardboard, newspapers, mushroom compost and sugar cane mulch to add to your garden beds.

Sarah from Basilea shared 5 high yield plants for the Autumn garden and visit Basilea website to catch up on the plants available and the information needed to plants in your beds.

Interesting to know just what wonderful yields these plant provided if treated with a little love and garden know how. Lemon Balm for a natural medicine, mushroom plants, perpetual spinach and hibiscus just to name a few.  https://www.basilealivingherbs.com/basilea-products

Each week Community Kitchen will feature a vegetable and protein to make cooking those family meals just a little easier.