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Organic Farming, rent a Bee Hive and Caper growing at South Burnett

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 2nd September 2014

Destination Food at Farm Fantastic embraced local, seasonal, regional and organic foods

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 26th August 2014

Long Yard Beef fillet burgers, Full bodied Wines from Ballendean and Sunshine Coast Limes

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 19th August 2014


Taste at South Burnett, Strawberry Farming & Maleny Dairies

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 12th August 2014

Organic Gardening, Country Cooking & Organic Farm Produce

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 5th August 2014

Linda Brennan - Ecobotanica

Linda Brennan

Linda Brennan from Ecobotanica is a Redland Bay based garden consultant, who loves her organic garden and holds workshops to promote the backyard garden. She will be a guest at the Backyard Farming event at Farm Fantastic and will join us at Destination Food on Sunday morning to whip up a few little wonders from the assortment of produce we will have on offer.

Stella May Fine Foods, was established by Allison Sheehan. Allison named her business, Stella May Fine Foods, to honour her grandmother. To her it symbolises her core value of family and sharing … families bonding through a shared meal. Recipes handed down over generations. Alarmed by the increasing levels of preservatives and chemicals in food and armed with her Grandmother, Stella May’s, love of honest country cooking, Alison wants to bridge that gap between home-made and supermarket lines. Stella Mays is well known for its manufacture of quality, award winning home-style pate and terrines, rillettes and confit meats.

Rob Bauer - Bauers Organic Farm

Rob Bauer

Bauers Organic Farm from the Lockyer Valley is proudly organic and has been for the past 30 years. Rob Bauers is known for his quality produce and is so proud of receiving the Vogue Produce Award for his corn, an Australia wide award and a highly coveted prize. For the past 25 years they have had Open Days at the farm with thousands of people visiting via coach tours. The call for their produce has led to an on-line business where people can order and with a few days receive seasonal vegies delivered to their back door. This is an exciting venture for the 3rd generation of vegetable growers. We look forward to using their fresh farm produce at Destination Food.

West QLD Wineries, Destination Food + Paleo and healthy foods

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 29th July 2014

Dave Blackett from Riversands Winery is situated in St George, in western Qld. St George has produced grapes as far back as 1850, and if you have ever visited St George you will know just how hot and dry this region can be. The Balonne River has a wonderful water supply but in 2012 this caused havoc for the winery – and they had to endure 3 floods. But on a brighter side their wonderful wines are still being produced and marketed. They are best known for the fortified wines, the Muscats and Ports, but also produce dry white, red table and moscato style wines. The grape chutney and jam is worth looking out for. Riversands will join us this year in the Destination Food venue where you can buy bottles of wine to take home or a glass to enjoy while watch the cooking shows.

Living Raw Café is a local business and the menu is Raw, Paleo and Healthy Foods. Bethaney Gray has been operating for 8 months and has seen a keen interest in the foods available in the store. She will bring some innovative raw foods ideas to Destination Food along with providing some information for those interested in knowing the benefits of a raw or Paleo diet.

Heritage Chicken breeds, QLD Honey & the health benefits of nuts

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 22th July 2014

Ingrid from City Chicks has expanded this wonderful innovative business to Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunny Coast. With Heritage breeds making such a comeback they have expanded the breeding side of the business to a hatching – west of Brisbane, with visitor friendly environment and many varieties to choose from. The Isa Browns are still the work horses in the chicken business but always nice to have a few show ponies in the flock. City Chicks will bring chickens and bee hives to Destination Food this year – the native bee hives even allow you to skim a little honey for the daily table.

And Hello Honey from Kin Kin has some wonderful products. Judy sources honey from Queensland suppliers to produce, Stradbroke Island Medicinal Jelly-Bush honey, Bee nourished (100 % beeswax moisturizer), Stradbroke Island Propolis honey, Propolis candy, Stradbroke Island honey, Bee soaps, Be Pollen, Creamed Honey and Judy’s big rave her famous Cinnamon Creamed Honey. And it is delicious!! After spending 20 years selling honey in the market place Judy is passionate about her product, and I forgot to add the candles, the beeswax polish and the honey straws.

Nutworks from Yandina started their business in 1990, re-established the business opposite the Ginger Factory in 1997 and haven’t looked back. They offer visitors great tastes and a broad selection of goodies. In 2002 they introduced confectionary and judging from the web-site the selection warrants a visit to the factory. Nicole shared some of the health benefits of eating nuts, and knowing that this product is local puts another feather in their cap.

Gluten related health problems, Fermented foods + Award winning Caramel Fudge

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 15th July 2014

Felicity from Mind Your BodyMind Your Body – Felicity discussed Gluten this month. How this natural protein can cause so many health problems. So many foods use gluten based products and reading labels is not as simple as it should be. Fillers, thickeners, emulsifiers can all just add to high exposure to gluten.

Elisabeth Fekonia from Permaculture RealfoodsElisabeth Fekonia (Permaculture Produce) will talk about fermented and cultured foods at Destination Food. From her farm at Cooroy Elisabeth uses her training as an accredited Permaculture gardener to grow and ferment her own produce.

Amanda from Amanda’s Fudge Factory was a busy working as a Chef but family commitments made her make a few lifestyle changes. She now runs a successful fudge factory and was awarded a Silver Medal in Melbourne’s Fine Food Festival this year for her Caramel fudge. We have been busy brain storming recipes for Destination Food.

International foods, Growing chillies + Jams & Chutneys

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 8th July 2014

SBS Feast Magazine Editor, Alix ClarkeSBS Feast Magazine Editor, Alix Clarke and we talked about cheese. She recommended Knafeh, a Lebanese Sweet Cheese Pastry which is worth looking out for or creating yourself. Interesting article on French food and as usual some wonderful food stories to wet the appetite.

John from Chinchilli, a home industry based in Kingaroy, spoke about his chilli farm. John grows his chillies on 40 acres along with olive trees and goats. We look forward to taste testing some of the chilli sauces, and will cook his Black Fire Chicken, using the Habenero chilli sauce.

Louise from Berry Good Jam & ChutneyLouise from Berry Good Jam and Chutney started her business after family and friends encouraged her to share the great combinations she created. Louise has been busy for 18 months now and we look forward to using her jams and chutneys to accompany some of our cooking creations.

Gluten Free Grain Free Co + Asian condiments, chilli sauces and salad dressings

LISTEN NOW: Community Kitchen Podcast Episode – 1st July 2014

Destination Food brings Tania Hubbard from Gluten Free Grain Free Co to the stage on Saturday and Sunday for 2 sessions each day. Using produce sourced from the market stalls Tania will share some of innovative and creative cooking skills. Quoting from Tania ‘enjoy food that fits your life’!

John from Lola's FoodsJohn from Lola’s foods shared his story of the beginning of this home based business. John and Lola create Asian condiments, chilli sauces and salad dressings from local produce. They are proud to use fresh seasonal fruits sourced from farmers with the Moreton Bay region.

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